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Frequently asked questions


Got questions about the services we provide? Read through our frequently asked questions to find the information you're looking for. Or, contact our Moranbah office to find out more.
How often should a pest inspection be done?
We recommend an inspection once a year. This lets us help minimise the chance of an infestation. Of course, if you suspect you might have a pest problem and just want to be sure, don't hesitate to call.
How often should a termite inspection be done?
As with pest inspections, a termite inspection should be done once a year. At Hard Yards Maintenance Services, we're happy to combine our pest and termite inspections to provide an all-in-one service for your property.
Are you licensed?
Absolutely. We are mine site compliant, will go through inductions/training for applicable jobs and hold licences for working at heights and in confined spaces, as well as RIIs for multiple machines. We also have QLD Pest Management Technicians and Timber Pest Technicians as well as Ground Distribution Contractor license herbicide spraying.
How many people will be available for my project?
Staff availability depends on timing and the size of your project. We have up to over 10 full time employees who are trained and experienced in our complete range of services.
Do you only service businesses in Moranbah?
No. We service a range of industries, including mine sites, farms and gas, as well as residential properties throughout Central Queensland. We service:
  • Moranbah
  • Dysart
  • Coppabella
  • Nebo
  • Middlemount
  • Tieri
  • Cappella